Gen 0 - Square Pieces

4040 NFTs represent the access cards to The Squares Ecosystem
Square Pieces is the gen 0 collection of The Squares project that is granting to holders access to various giveaways, calls, interesting materials (both NFT and Crypto), Raffles, Design Market discount % coupons, Giftcards giveaways, and to SquaresDAO. This will be the beginning of The Squares adventure, the gateway to the squarest ecosystem is about to open to those who dare to step inside. Square Pieces collection consists of three different square meteors: Blue - Common (75% of the total collection); Green - Rare (20% of the total collection); Red - Legendary (5% of total collection).
4x Square Pieces (COMMON) = 1x FREE The Squares NFT
A large portion of the proceeds from sales and future profits will be used in the development of The Squares ecosystem and will be kept in a safe place after the main collection is minted, meaning that part of it will automatically go back to the community.
Also, just as you would need a ticket to access your favorite concert, the same applies to the main collection, and the Square Pieces will be the most accessible gateway to the main part of the Project, offering guaranteed and discounted mint. Will they ever come back after?! We shall see...