Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Square Pieces mean?

Square Pieces will represent the 'access card' collection to The Squares main collection on the Solana Blockchain and the beginning of SquaresDAO and $THES Token. The total supply is 1212 NFTs. The collection was SOLD OUT on the 20th of February.

What is The Squares?

The Squares is an NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain, based on 4040 different square characters (from zombies, heroes, pirates, and ninjas to regular employees).

What's our mission?

Our mission is to dress up the entire Solana space (and not only), providing one of the most unique merch articles in Web3 history.

What's our vision?

Because we know that everyone would love to have at least one sweatshirt, mug, hat or t-shirt in the print of their favorite NFT collection, but also because we have the power to expand this unlimited service and can even help other projects have the best items. Our main focus is MERCH (Web2) which will be merged with different Web3 utilities and thus we will be able to create a final product with maximum expansion potential. WE ALL GONNA MERCH IT!

Why 4040 NFTs?

As a team, we thought that the square having 4 corners and dividing by the number 4 was the perfect number for our later surprises.

Where is Launch?

Looking for the best launchpad yet.
Mint Link: TBD (to be determined)
Please only refer to the official links posted on our Discord. Do not reply to DMs or to people trying to impersonate our team. We will not DM you.

How can I get the Whitelist?

Please refer to our Discord for the latest requirements.

What about Royalties?

There will be no royalties (0%) as The Squares project will be able to raise funds for development from the future NFT collections sales (Square Pieces and The Squares main) and generate passive income to sustain the project through future merch.
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