Welcome to The Squares

The Squares is a NFT project on the Solana Blockchain based on Squares that aims to bring together people from all corners of the world. Our motto says: ''We use squares not to go around in circles''. The Squares always seeks to stand out with new and useful things. So, we are always open for original and suitable ideas from our Community which can help improve the Project. Our mission is to dress up the entire Solana space!
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There will always be about Squares and their sides, of course, each being equally important as the other one. The Squares will come up with the newest and most fresh utilities, features, and updates, that come to the aid of every member. Once you're inside the Squares, we would like you to think and act in a way that helps everyone and keeps the community in perfect harmony.
4040 square characters were born from a discovery that transformed the world forever. All started with a meteor shower with brightly colored 1212 Square Pieces. Everyone is now looking for the identities they had before the transformation, the search has begun. No one knows if they will succeed or fail, but The Divinity of The Squares will show them the way. Reserve your place and get ready for the adventure. EVERYTHING IS SQUARE NOW!!!
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